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Mary Lou Jepsen

Head of Display Division

Mary Lou is a global thought leader on new ways to integrate digital screens into daily life. She is known for innovative hardware architectures particularly focused on the screen, and for delivering them to mass production using the excess capacity of the world's high-volume manufacturing lines in Asia. Some of her recent work includes a proposal for a brain scan system with massively increased resolution that could allow us to dump crisp images directly to digital media. Recently, she became head of the display division at Google[x]. Previously she founded or cofounded One Laptop per Child, Pixel Qi, and MicroDisplay and served as CTO and chief hardware architect at all of these organizations.  She worked as a multimedia artist for many years creating innovative holographic installation systems like giant city-block-sized holograms and even a system to project video on the moon. She is also known as a brain tumor survivor and an advocate for unfettered patient access to medications used for chronic conditions like her own.  

My Speakers Sessions

Thursday, October 10

2:00pm EDT