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Amos Winter

Global Engineering and Research Lab, MIT
2013 Innovator Under 35

Amos Winter is the Robert N. Noyce Career Development Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Director of the Global Engineering and Research (GEAR) Lab at MIT. His research focuses on the marriage of mechanical design theory and user-centered product design to create simple, elegant technological solutions for use in highly constrained environments. Current projects include technology for irrigation, water purification, prosthetics, agriculture, and subsea burrowing. Prof. Winter is the principal inventor of the Leveraged Freedom Chair (LFC), an all-terrain wheelchair designed for developing countries, and is a co-founder of the startup Global Research Innovation and Technology (GRIT).  
MIT Technology Review article:  http://www.technologyreview.com/lists/innovators-under-35/2013/humanitarian/amos-winter/